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Playing Covers

I've been playing covers practically all my life. There is such a rich selection of music out there. I love discovering a great song (old or new) and playing it live. There is an automatic connection with an audience when I perform a song they like. It's like breaking the ice between two strangers.

Writing and performing your own songs, on the other hand, is hard work. I admire someone who can construct a song that can touch someone. There may be people who can crank those out but I have not met them. After writing a song myself recently, I was mentally exhausted and never really sure if it needed more work.

It takes discipline to write songs and I will keep trying. I am totally happy playing covers but sometimes you have to go for it. Many years ago I wrote a song called "Microwave Mama". It was as bad as you can imagine. I didn't write for years after that.

More recently I wrote a commercial song for a corporation that was not bad. I was pleased and so were they. I'm not done writing yet. I wonder if Maytag needs a jingle for their microwave ovens?

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